Relationship of the Will with the Other Psychological Functions

Sensory-Motor – Impulses – Drives and Desire – Emotions and Feelings – Imagination – Thought – Intuition

Co-creative Group Suggestions

The following is based on work carried out by the co-creative group on the Will Project during the International Congress of Psychosynthesis in Canada from 11 to 15 September 1998. Initially this is provided to give some form of structure to pages. Please edit freely.

  1. Developing a theory of rigorous inquiry using the psychological functions (including the will) as ways of knowledge
  2. Developing a theory of spiritual enrichment including relevant spiritual disciplines for each function
  3. Develop mini-mobiles relating the psychological functions to the skillful will (see Nature and Aspects of the Will)
  4. Expand on the article in Psicosintesi regarding the use of the mobile to teach the psychological laws (the relationship of skilled will to the psychological functions), including an outline of the word on the mobile
  5. Plan and execute cross-cultural research on the relationship of the will to the other psychological functions (see Nature and Aspects of the Will)

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