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  1. Castenada is basically right about the will, saying the will is a force and a power, but the stuff based on philosophy is not. Philosophy is based on thinking, and that is a function of the material world. That is right – every atom and rock can think, and that is about all they do! So plants, animals, and humans can all think, so do not think you are special because you can think.
    I can send more but the post comment button disappears. Maybe more later …


    1. Probably Philosophy is based more on discernment, rather than thinking.
      Specific moment is that difference between human being and the other species is in the ability for self consciousness. Partly from this inner fact comes the freedom of will.
      So yes – I Am special – as much as everything in the universe.
      Please, excuse me if this is not appropriate place for my comment.
      I like “The Will project”.
      Greetings from Bulgaria!


  2. As you cite, R Assagioli served as a disciple in rapport with Master DK, per Discipleship in the New Age – Ancient Wisdom texts by Alice Bailey. PsychoSynthesis relates directly with the Ancient Wisdom (via Assagioli’s discipleship) and the most recent Applied Wisdom, the third part of the Wisdom of the Soul of which I am a part, practitioner, teacher. Both are New Thought Form expressions of the Ashram of Synthesis introduced by Master DK in his texts, of which Assagioli was clearly a member. I would like to explore with practitioners of Psychosynthesis our common ground: the alignment of human, soular and Divine Will in consciousness – Superconsciousness, consciousness, and subconsciousness. I invite your response and look forward to meaningful, purposeful discussion and discovery. Blessings.


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