Will (music group)

Will were a music group that existed briefly in the early 1990s. The project was a collaboration by Rhys Fulber, Chris Peterson, and singer John McRae, with Jeff Stoddard and Michael Balch having some involvement. They released the albums “Pearl of Great Price” in 1991 and the EP “Word, Flesh, Stone” in 1992. A compilation entitled “Deja Vu” was released in 1997. Their music has been described as industrial, gothic, neo-classical and epic.

“WILL is the perfect name for what we are doing”, states Rhys, “It means several things, all of which are accurate, I see art as something reasonably permanent something that, if you die tomorrow, your art will live on. In some ways it is a will or a testament. We like to think of it as an epitaph in some degree. It encompasses every meaning of the word which is why we chose it. Inner-will, spirit, strength, these types of things.”

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