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reports of results The Star Game, an addition to “Methods for the Development and Training of the Will

A board game was developed based on the star diagram. It is played on two levels. At the first level two or more participants take turns entering pieces representing subpersonalities, will and “I” on to the star diagram. They do so by entering a single piece at a time while expressing their feelings, intentions, history etc. related to that particular move only. When a fixed number of pieces have been entered by all players (for instance 2-3 subpersonalities, 1 will and 1 “I”) participants move on to changing the position of their selected pieces, one by one in turns.

At the second level pieces representing seven personality types (as indicated by Assagioli’s article on the subject) are added to each player’s store of earlier pieces. The way of playing pieces one by one and in turn remains the same.

Each of the two levels is concluded when participants feel they have achieved some insight or meaningful change of perspective by their playing and observing the playing of the other(s), not the least with regards to the position of the will and “I” pieces.

Groups of psychosynthesis counselors and student trainees have been experimenting with the game on game nights in Oslo organized by the Norwegian Association of Psychosynthesis (www.psykosyntese.net). They have mostly played at the first level. Participants report that the more they exchange their feelings and thoughts re: what moving the pieces within the star diagram really represent in their lives the more meaning they derive from playing the game. Many have downloaded the game and put it to use both in one-to-one counseling and in group work where several boards are used by pairs or smaller groups of 3 and 4.

Players trying out the second level reported that a good grounding in the concept of the seven personality types help a lot here. The accompanying table explaining the types works well as a “at a glance” for those who are already a bit familiar with the types.

Stjernespillet – “The Star Game” – has been made available in Norwegian in both A4 and A3 format as a free download complete with pieces to be cut out from printout preferably on thick paper or to be glued on to card board, with directions for playing and a table explaining in brief the seven personality types, at: Stjernespillet, et spill om vilje, personlighet og psykosyntese.

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