Love and Will

  • Full Title: Love and Will
  • Author: Rollo May



One – Introduction: Our Schizoid World

  • Problems as Prophetic
  • The Artist and the Neurotic
  • The Neurotic as Predictive
  • The Emergence of Apathy

Part I: Love

Two – Paradoxes of Sex and Love

  • Sexual Wilderness
  • Salavation Through Technique
  • The New Puritamism
  • Freud and Puritanism
  • Motives of the Problem
  • Revolt Against Sex

Three – Eros in Conflict with Sex

  • The Return of Repressed Eros
  • What Is Eros?
  • Eros in Plato
  • Freud and Eros
  • The Union of Eros: A Case Study
  • Eros Sickening

Four – Love and Death

  • Love As the Intimation of Mortality
  • Death and the Obsession with Sex
  • The Tragic and Separation
  • Contraceptives and the Tragic

Five – Love and the Daimonic

  • Defining the Daimonic
  • Objections to the Term
  • The Daimonic in Primitive Psychotherapy
  • Some Historical Soundings
  • Love and the Daimonic

Six – The Daimonic in Dialogue

  • Dialogue and Integration
  • Stages of the Daimonic
  • The Daimonic and the Anonymous
  • The Daimonic and Knowledge
  • Naming the Daimonic
  • Naming of the Daimonic in Therapy

Part II: Will

Seven – The Will in Crisis

  • Undermining of Personal Responsibility
  • Contradiction in Will
  • The Case of John
  • Will in Psychoanalysis
  • Illusion and Will

Eight – Wish and Will

  • The Demise of Will Power
  • Freud’s Anti Will System
  • The Wish
  • Illness As the Inability to Wish
  • Lack of Capacity to Wish
  • William James and Will

Nine – Intentionality

  • The Roots of Intentionaity
  • Examples from Psychoanalysis
  • Perception and Intentionality
  • The Body and Intentionality

Ten – Intentionality in Therapy

  • Case of Preston
  • Stages in Therapy
  • From Wish to Will
  • Wish and Will to Decision
  • Human Freedom

Part III: Love and Will

Eleven – The Relation of Love and Will

  • Love and Will Blocking Each Other
  • Impotence As an Example
  • Imagination and Time
  • Union of Love and Will

Twelve – The Meaning of Care

  • Care in Love and Will
  • The Mythos of Care
  • Care in Our Day

Thirten – Communion of Consciousness

  • Love as Personal
  • Aspects of the Love Act
  • Creating of Consciousness
  • Love, Will, and the Forms of Society



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