Psychosynthesis is an approach to personal development and psychology developed by Roberto Assagioli. It has since been developed and extended further by various other individuals and groups.

For general information see the Wikipedia Psychosynthesis entry.

Psychosynthesis Concept of the Will

The concepts relating to the Will originated with Roberto Assagioli teachings. See Roberto Assagioli’s Concept of the Will for more details on Assagioli’s beliefs. Note: there will be some overlap with this entry.

Psychosynthesis reaffirms the importance and value of the will. It describes the various stages of volition as:

  • aim
  • evaluation
  • purpose
  • deliberation
  • decision
  • planning
  • control of execution

Psychosynthesis specifies the Will’s qualities as:

  • energy charge
  • power of inhibition
  • readiness
  • tenacity

Psychosynthesis has given the Will the central position among the psychic functions, which is represented by the Star Diagram:

1. Sensation; 2. Emotion — Feelings; 3. Imagination; 4. Impulse — Desire; 5. Thought; 6. Intuition; 7. Will; 8. Central point: the I or Ego. (Psychosomatic Medicine and Bio-Synthesis)

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