A alternative way to view the titles in the Bibliography is via The Will Project Book Store or The Will Project UK Book Store. These are Amazon AStores that have […]

By individuals and groups reports of results The Star Game, an addition to “Methods for the Development and Training of the Will” A board game was developed based on the […]

Individual Psychotherapy Alchemical Hypnotherapy “The great wisdom teacher Gurjieff once said that Will – the capacity to make decisions and consistently act upon them – is not, as we often […]

The following is from The Act of Will, Chapter 11, pages 135-139 The act of will consists of six sequential phases or stages. They are: The Purpose, Aim, or Goal, […]

Energy – Dynamic Power – Intensity The following is from The Act of Will, Chapter 3, pages 20-22 This quality is naturally the natural outstanding characteristic of the strong will. […]

In modern psychology, the theory of the Will is pragmatic. The Will is not regarded as a separate psychic faculty; it is considered to be a quality or aspect of […]