Quotes About the Will

The following quotes about the will are collected from a variety of authors and sources.

  • “When the will is ready the feet are light.”
    by Proverbs (English)
  • “Light, Love, and Will – the one is as necessary as the other; the one is dangerous without the others. Light, Love, and Will are the three eternal, vital sources of the higher, truer, purer cosmic life.”
    by Ameen Rihani
  • “In the Lakes of Light, Love and Will, I would baptize all mankind.”
    by Ameen Rihani
  • “Training the will in trivial and grave matters increases its strength and flexibility, and enables man to constantly strive and persevere.”
    by Ameen Rihani
  • “The will is the spirit of perseverance, and perseverance holds clear success.”
    by Ameen Rihani
  • “Genius everywhere is one. In the Orient and in the Occident the deep thinkers are kin, the poets are cousins, the pioneers of the spirit are the messengers of peace and good will to the world. Their works are the open highways between nations, and they themselves are the ever living guardians and guides.”
    by Ameen Rihani
  • “The heart is the birth of will.”
    by Jenni Robison
  • “Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.”
    by George Sheehan
  • “Latin: Suae quisque vitae pictor est; artifex hujus operis est voluntas.

    English: Each man is the painter for his own life; the craftsman in this task is the will.

    (translation courtesy of Stephen C. Farrand)”
    by Unknown Strength of Will by Edward Boyd Barrett
  • “Willingness is essential in any initiation or in making an dream come true. I can’t often means I won’t. You can change I won’t to I will with will power.”
    by Marcia Wieder

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